Five reasons why you should get married at home

Two of the weddings I have recently had the pleasure of photographing have been in a home; either the couple’s or a family member’s. Both were unique but had several commonalities that made me realize that a wedding at home is such a viable and enticing option!

REASON #1: Save that “Moolah.” The most obvious reason for getting married at home is COST SAVINGS. Wedding venues in Southern California range from 5,000 to 25,000 dollars OR MORE for wedding packages! And with most young couples wanting to pay their own way nowadays, the option to get married at a free venue is enticing to say the least. Why not pocket that money and get a daily massage on your honeymoon? Just throwing that idea out there! OR save the money for a DOWN PAYMENT on your future home! YES. PLEASE.


REASON #2: Early set up/Late tear down. Most wedding venues are limited by time. They therefore put time restrictions on couples and charge you if your time goes over. OUCH. When you get married in a home, you are able to set up WEEKS in advance. This can ease some of the pre-wedding tension as you see your ideas come into place much sooner. There is also no crazy aunt chasing you with a bill when you go over your time-limit by four hours because you were carelessly partying the night away. Or maybe there will be…


REASON #3: Locality. Everyone knows where the venue is! Family can stay in a home before or after the ceremony which makes it suuper easy for any patron or matrons in the family.


REASON #4: Relaxed atmosphere. If you want to rest on your bed for a moment, or scarf down a pre-wedding pizza in the kitchen you totally can! You also have the freedom to move around as you please as some venues restrict certain areas.


REASON #5: Privacy and intimacy. I’ve been to golf-course weddings (that are so gorgeous in their own right) that had other ceremonies happening AND golfers oogling while the bride and groom were getting ready for their first kiss. It’s YOUR DAY. You shouldn’t have to share your special moment with Mister Par-three and his High School caddy. You also will always have this venue to remember every detail of your special day long after it is over…


One big reason why people don’t opt to get married at home is PARKING. Ninety cars can’t fit in Mom’s cul-de-sac, I get that. BUT why not have people park in a nearby lot and have a couple friends offer to shuttle people to your house? Just an idea…

Let this idea simmer! But ultimately, your wedding will be beautiful no matter what you decide because its YOURS.


See you through my lens!